Xu Xin has two crowns a day,Women's doubles first non Chinese champion of the se

2019年11月08日 10:00:05

In the early morning of October 13, the three doubles champion of the 2019 ITTF World Tour Germany open was born.

Mixed doubles, Xu Xin / sun yingsha won the championship. This German open is the first show of Xu Xin / sun yingsha. Although it has not been tested in international competitions before, Xu Xin / sun yingsha still advanced all the way to the championship with outstanding performance. In the first round, Xu Xin / sun yingsha swept Austria, and their experienced partner, feiger / polkanova. In the second round, Xu Xin / sun yingsha ushered in a tough battle. Xu Xin / sun yingsha won 3-1 against the powerful shuigu Falcon / ITO Meicheng. After that, they swept the equally competitive Lin Yunru / Zheng Yijing and finally reached the final. Another pair of finalists also came from China. Wang Chuqin / Wang Manyu pushed Hong Kong partner Huang Zhenting / Du Kaiyu to advance in the semi-finals.
In the first round of the final, the familiar Xu Xin / sun yingsha and Wang Chuqin / Wang Manyu began to fight fiercely. Finally, with the play of the key ball, Xu Xin / sun yingsha led 1-0 with 12-10. After that, they won another set 11-7, expanding their lead to 2-0. Wang Chuqin / Wang Manyu did not give up and won the third set 11-5. But after that, Xu Xin / sun yingsha didn't give the mobile phone conference any more, winning another game 11-7, winning the title 3-1 with a big score.
The first time the partner went out to win the championship, how do Xu Xin and sun yingsha evaluate the performance of the partner and how many points do they give? "100 points, good." Sun yingsha laughed easily.
"Big brother" Xu Xin put forward higher requirements for this game. Xu Xin said that the ball can actually play better: "we talked about some techniques before the final, but more about psychology. Although this is a civil war, I also told her that if we want to regard this competition as a competition, we need to give ourselves pressure. Whether it's between innings or when the other side calls for a pause, she's pressurised. In fact, her condition today is not as good as the previous two days, and I gave her pressure reduction in the competition with the foreign Association, let her release a little, hope she can get exercise. " As a senior in the team, Xu Xin put forward higher requirements for sun yingsha, but it is not a bad thing to expose problems in the game. Xu Xin concluded: "dissatisfaction means there is still room for progress. It's very good. If you have any questions, go back and summarize."
In the women's doubles arena, because the two pairs of Chinese teams Wang Manyu / sun yingsha, Chen Meng / Gu Yuting successively failed to defeat Chen Siyu / Zheng Xianxian, Nagasaki Meiyou / muhara Meiyou, the first champion of the Chinese team against Africa was born in the women's doubles arena this season.
The women's doubles final was held between South Korea's Tian Zhixi / Liang Xiayin and Japan's partner makhara Meiyou / Nagasaki Meiyou. In the first two games, both sides won and drew. The South Korean team took advantage of the third set to win 11-9, establishing a 2-1 lead. The fourth set was still dominated by Tian Zhixi / Liang Xiayin, who won by 11-7 and beat muyuan Meiyou / Nagasaki Meiyou 3-1.
In the interview after the match, Liang Xiayin described the mood of winning the championship as "God": "we made a lot of difficult preparations before the match, and the third set was also bitten back in a very difficult situation. It's hard, but it's good to win in the end. "
The men's doubles final was followed. It's not easy for Xu Xin / Liang Jingkun to win against the host partner Duda / Qiu Dang. In the first game, the German combo was very active, winning by 13-11 in key points and ushering in a good start. However, Xu Xin / Liang Jingkun, who are strong in strength, then made efforts to pull three innings in succession, 3-1 reversing the victory of Duda / Qiu party.

"With Xin elder brother to match in the heart quite has the foundation, he also taught me a lot of things in the side." Liang Jingkun said after the game, "he will tell me in time if there is anything wrong in the game."