Fan Zhendong reaches the summit after 343 days,Sun yingsha defeats ITO to gain t

2019年11月08日 10:03:23

On October 13, the 2019 ITTF World Tour Germany open officially ended. Fan Zhendong ended the "championship shortage" and once again climbed the highest podium of men's singles in the world tour 343 days later; sun yingsha completed the "revenge" on itomo Meicheng and won the third platinum Open Championship of the season.

After the semi-final 4-3 victory over Liang Jingkun, fan Zhendong ushered in the final 4-1 elimination of Zheng Rongzhi's Xu Xin. Recently, Xu Xin is in a state of explosion, winning many championships in succession. In contrast, fan Zhendong's state has ups and downs. In the first game of the final, Xu Xin entered the stage quickly, taking a 1-0 lead with 11-5. Yi Bian fights again, fan Zhendong slowly puts down the burden and starts to play his own backhand attack. At the same time, in the stalemate, fanzhendong line is more flexible and the winning points are more firm. 11-8, fan Zhendong changed the big score to 1-1.
The key third game, fan Zhendong and Xu Xin's competition is very tight. Finally, fan Zhendong held his ground after being chased for four points in a row and resisted the game 14-12. The victory of the key ball obviously increased a lot of confidence for fan Zhendong, and he played more smoothly in the next two games. He won two more games with two 11-7, and won the championship with a big 4-1 win over Xu Xin.
Fan Zhendong, who left the competition and ended the "champion shortage", seemed calm. For the low valley, fan Zhendong said that "all the previous ones have passed", and he focused on the present: "for himself, there were some ups and downs before. Today, I am more and more close to my imagination, which makes me very satisfied. " And this champion is also fan Zhendong's cherished "important" victory. "First of all, the atmosphere of this competition is very good. It doesn't feel like the open competition, but also allows me to release more. Through these games, my confidence may get better and better. "
During the low period, the voice of the outside world is inevitably noisy. What does fan Zhendong think and how should he respond? "Today's performance is the best response," said fan Zhendong, "I believe that everyone hopes that I am good and can achieve the feeling you imagine. But the process needs to be carried out by oneself. If everything is the same as you think, it's not interesting. I will try my best. "

In the women's singles final, sun yingsha has a chance to achieve "revenge" within one week. Last week's Swedish open, sun yingsha was 2-4 in the semi-finals by Itoh Meicheng reversal. When she moved to Germany, sun yingsha was well prepared. The problem of receiving and serving which caused great trouble has been solved. By cracking Ito's serve, sun yingsha took the initiative in the overall tactics. Although the second set was won by Itoh Meicheng 11-9, sun yingsha as a whole gained the upper hand, beating Itoh Meicheng 4-1 to win the championship.
Although sun yingsha won relatively easily from the score of 4-1, she revealed after the game that she "couldn't loose a single point": "although the score didn't seem very fierce, we were still very fierce between each game, and I didn't dare to relax every point in each game. Especially in the face of such a strong player as ITO. Because she adjusts and controls the game very quickly
Last week's loss to itomo Meicheng at the Swedish open, this time in Germany to complete "revenge", how do you feel? "It's true that we are very close. If we play well, we can win," Sun said. There was a lucky element today, too. She was awarded a serve in one game. I didn't think that I shouldn't have lost the last race. After all, she is very strong now. I still summed up the competition in time. "