Xu xinsun yingsha leads the world tour's scoreboard, and these players are tempo

2019年11月08日 10:05:55

The 2019 ITTF world tour has ended the competition of 11 events, only the Austrian open has not been held. At present, the latest World Tour scoreboard has been published.

In men's singles, Chinese players dominate the top four. Xu Xin, who is in a hot state recently, leads the list with 2044 points. So far this season, Xu Xin has won the tournaments of Japan, South Korea and Australia. Next came Lin Gaoyuan and Ma long, who shared 1425 points, tied for second place. Fan Zhendong ranks fourth. In the just concluded German open, fan Zhendong finally "opened" to win the first tour champion of this season. Japanese player Zhang Benzhi and ranked fifth with 880 points.

According to the current situation of the scoreboard, the players who have won the right to participate in the finals temporarily include: Wang Chuqin (China), Lin Yunru (Taipei, China), Liang Jingkun (China), Francesca (Germany), calderano (Brazil), ochalov (Germany), M. Falk (Sweden), shuigu Falcon (Japan), Zheng Rongzhi (South Korea), Bohr (Germany), Zhang Yu Jane (Korea).

In terms of women's singles, the Chinese team has obvious advantages, with 9 players temporarily getting the right to participate in the finals. Sun yingsha, who won the platinum Championships in Japan, Australia and Germany, ranked first with 1882 points, followed by Chen Meng with 1600 points. This year, Chen Meng's performance on the stage of the tour is quite remarkable, with four champions including Hungary, China, South Korea and Sweden. Japan's Itoh Meicheng ranked third with 1185 points. In the first two weeks of the Swedish and German open, ITO Meicheng successfully reached the final. Wang Manyu, Chen Xingtong, Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning, four Chinese players, followed closely.

In addition, PINNO Meiyu (Japan), Wang Yidi (China), Ishikawa Jiachun (Japan), Feng Tianwei (Singapore), Zhu Yuling (China), he Zhuojia (China), Sato Tong (Japan), Zheng Yijing (Chinese Taipei), Tian Zhixi (South Korea) and other players are all on the list, temporarily locking the right to participate in the finals.
In terms of doubles, Hong Kong based Huang Zhenting / Du Kaili, China based fan Zhendong / Xu Xin and South Korean based Tian Zhixi / Liliang Xiayin led the mixed doubles, men's doubles and women's doubles respectively.
According to the rules, the top 16 singles players and the top 8 doubles players in the world tour scoreboard will get the right to participate in the year-end finals. The finals of the 2019 world tour will be held in Zhengzhou, China from December 12 to 15.