ITTF held executive committee meeting and passed important decisions

2019年11月08日 10:12:56

From October 20 to 21, 2019, the Executive Committee of ITTF held a meeting in Chengdu, China. The meeting adopted the following important decisions:

1. Based on the framework proposed by the tender selection committee, continue to fully promote the new business entity WTT (World Table Tennis).
WTT (World Table Tennis) will manage the core business assets of ITTF from 2021. This will bring many benefits, further promote the innovation dialogue with potential partners, further promote the modernization process of the International Table Tennis Federation's commercial market activities, tap the potential of table tennis, and promote table tennis to become one of the world's top sports.
More information about this will be released in the near future.
2. Strive to change the current management structure system of ITTF and ensure that the intercontinental association plays a more important role in the top management of ITTF.
The ITTF is currently reviewing all charters, including discussions on possible changes to the way in which the IATA participates to ensure that the IATA (and its leadership) plays a more important role in the ITTF's main decisions.
Although the ITTF has provided more resources to IATA in recent years, the relationship between them is still not perfect. ITTF believes that there is still much work to be done to improve the current management structure system.
3. Build a sustainability working group to ensure that all future events and activities are fully in line with current global initiatives to protect the environment.
The Executive Committee raised the issue of sustainable development in today's society, emphasizing the importance of reducing the negative impact on the environment. Table tennis also needs to start thinking and looking for countermeasures, especially the sustainable development of related equipment. Therefore, we strongly recommend the establishment of a sustainability working group led by international experts.
Thomas vickett, President of ITTF, concluded: "the executive committee meeting has been fruitful. WTT (World Table Tennis) has approved the entity structure of WTT (World Table Tennis). This decision will bring more money to table tennis and allow us to further improve our products. In addition, we have made important progress in governance review. At the same time, ITTF decided to pay more attention to the sustainable development of table tennis.